Just some information about the person behind the work:profielfoto's website 72 dpi 350 pix

My name is Stef den Ridder, I live in the Netherlands, was born in 1991 and have been fascinated with drawing and by nature ever since. (well ok, maybe a little bit later, but still)

I graduated at the art Academy AKV|St.Joost in the Netherlands in June 2013.
From June to October 2014 I did an internship at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology in Ithaca, NY,
which I successfully completed. (certificate)
In 2016 I’ll be working on my first informative childrens book. (the theme of the book will be animal noses)

The main theme in my work is nature with a big focus on animals. My work varies from scientific illustrations to more simple (animal) illustrations. Overall my work can be described as realistic.

This website will show my “portfolio”.
If you want to see more than this selection of work you can check out my Flickr.
And if you want to know a little bit more about me personally and stay updated about the things I’m working on you can check out my Facebook or my Tumblr.